14 December 2023 ·

Christmas Nativity Scene 2023

Hong Kong (BC.it) - This year’s Nativity Scene in St Teresa’s church is set in a Middle East landscape, with desertic rocks, scarce vegetation, withered grass, with people living in caves: it is a symbol of our world and society, if left without faith in God.
According to the promise of Advent (Isaiah 35,1), if the Lord comes, the desert and the steppe will flourish: this is why where there are people waiting for the Lord (Mary, Joseph, some shepherds at the manger), the grass is green, the plants produce flowers, and the light shines.
There are paths from the desert to the manger. The paths have stones and difficulties and start from each cave: everyone, in whatever situation they may be, can find his way towards Jesus, even if he/she sometimes stumbles on the stones.
The desert is dominated from above by the Angel-messenger who announces the coming of the Savior (Isaiah 40, 9-11; Luke 2,10-11). The Angel-messenger has a banner with the word “Gloria”, that is: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of His love.
Each person is invited by the Angel-messenger to listen and to hasten towards Jesus and adore Him. However, each person reacts in different manners, according to their freedom: some shepherds adore at the manger; one shepherd moves towards the manger; one lady, the one with the fruit basket is waving in doubt whether to go or not; another lady looks down, at the earth (not at the sky and the Angel) and continues her work; one is even sleeping, indifferent to anything, even to his salvation.
In the scenery, from a hole in the rock, we can see the skyline of Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong, too, are invited by the Angel-messenger to wake up and find the way towards Jesus.
Thanks to the Angel-messenger (each one of us) Hong Kong people can realize that Jesus is not something far away, or stranger, but is living with us.
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