27 February 2022 ·

Chinese academicians condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Xi Jinping said he was Putin's "forever friend"; Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the UN abstained from the motion of criticism of Russia and does not dare to speak of "invasion". In China there are those who think differently.
Beijing (Nikkei) - Five Chinese academics from prominent universities condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a rare instance of high-standing professors going against the government line.
"We strongly oppose Russia's war on Ukraine," the professors say. "We firmly support the actions of the Ukrainian people to defend their country. We are concerned that Russia's acts of force will lead to turmoil in Europe and the entire world, and trigger wider humanitarian disasters."
The statement is signed by Sun Jiang of Nanjing University, Wang Lixin of Peking University, Xu Guoqi, of the University of Hong Kong, Zhong Weimin, of Tsinghua University, and Chen Yan of Fudan University.
The statement was released on WeChat, but has been removed by the platform.
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