25 January 2022 ·

Beating Covid, Taiwan enters the Year of the Tiger

In a week, on February 1st, will start the Year of the Tiger according to the lunar calendar here in the Far East. It is a positive year, full of courage, capable of facing any challenges.
Somehow Taiwan is already in the Year of the Tiger: the economy is booming and - above all - the Covid challenge is really won or at least very much under control. Just think: today on this island, with a population of 25 million people, there have been only 15 cases of infection.
Although Taiwan is penalized for not joining in the World Health Organization - due to China's veto – here there are vaccines in abundance, people are eager to be vaccinated, everyone respects the use of masks and social distancing. With all this, life goes on with great commitment: people work from morning till night; young people meet on weekends; there are queues at supermarkets and night markets and ... there is also the flowers market, that in these days it is open all day long.
In Hong Kong, for example, fearing Covid infections, the government has banned the flowers market this year. You might know that on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, some corner of the house is decorated with fresh flowers or kumquat trees (the "Japanese  tangerine"). And so, before the feast, every kind of green plant is to be found. At the market where I went this morning, orchids, pink peach blossoms, white plum blossoms dominate. And then there are the New Year's decorations, all invariably red, the color of the feast.
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